A non profit private foundation that helps animals live in kindness and love

Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Us?

May you feel all the Kindness and Love here and May your every Step be Light.

ArkHeart Foundation is a new Humanity Collaborative Community Associate.

It is a humanitarian ~ community service ~ not-for-profit ~ non-government organisation.

We’re raising $750,000 for our first ArkHeart Sanctuary! We have found the perfect property with almost 2,000 acres and lots of water frontage. It’s remote yet accessible, and working with abused parrots means it’s better not to have neighbours. It’s also the perfect location for an eco-retreat which would maintain funds flowing into the sanctuary.

Now it might sound like that’s a lot of books to sell, but this book is a powerful voice for the animals and deserves to get out into the world. It’s also deeply sacred and so overflowingwith love and wisdom, I feel so blessed to have written it, or to have been the finger on the keyboard!  It is truly one of the most heartfelt and sacred gifts I have ever done.

We have a number of ways to raise the money for this property and pre-ordering our new book is one way you can help us create the first ArkHeart Sanctuary for birds and animals. 100% of the sales of this book “Sacred Journey into the Animal Realms” goes to ArkHeart.

Other ways to contribute to ArkHeart can be found on our website and if you feel the call to get involved, please let us know. We can both feel that our vision is about to be birthed and the guidance we keep getting is to move ahead fearlessly. We are supported and it’s time to start creating havens of such love and kindness that they overflow out into the world.

About Us

Gill & Kye

store owner

Hi, we are Kye & Gill, the founders of ArkHeart.

ArkHeart: a non-profit, non-government Foundation with a vision we have nurtured for a long time.

For the past 20 years, we have followed the guidance of our hearts in everything we do, and that has led us on some pretty wild adventures, all of them with a huge family of animals in tow! We communicate with our animals as conscious beings, acknowledging them as the wise guides, guardians and friends they are. To restore the awareness of animals as sentient conscious beings is part of our mission. It’s time to give the animals a voice, let them be seen for whom they are and reclaim our magical selves. We live by example, choosing to live in compassion and kindness for all.